Owning a hot tub allows you to provide a unique entertainment option for family and friends. Your next party can be upgraded when you take the cover off your hot tub and share in the fun of a nice toasty soak. Once you become a hot tub owner, it is very likely that your friends will be dying to come try the new tub out. Here at Colorado Spas, we provide a vast selection of hot tubs in Northern Colorado and we will be happy to help you choose the best hot tub for your needs.

If you are getting ready to entertain guests with your newly purchased hot tub, check out these important tips to ensure everyone has a wonderful time.

#1: Be sure everyone understands important safety rules up front.

The first place to begin is to ensure that all your guests understand important safety tips in regards to enjoying the hot tub. While you don’t want to come across like a strict parent, you do want to keep your guests safe from harm and you want a good time to be had by all.

A few important hot tub safety rules include the following:

  • Don’t bring glass into the hot tub.
  • No roughhousing in the hot tub to ensure no one hits their head.
  • No children or pets unattended in the hot tub.

Your party will become far less enjoyable if someone gets hurt or glass is broken and the spa has to be drained. Make sure everyone is on the same page and provide plastic cups for your guests to use in the hot tub area.

#2: Prepare plenty of towels for the crew.

Before your guests arrive be sure you clean a sufficient number of towels for everyone. Having a stack of fresh, fluffy towels nearby will allow everyone to feel comfortable and will also prevent large amounts of water to drench your home’s floors. While guests might think to bring a towel, it never hurts to prepare by having a stack ready.

Some guests also might want to utilize your shower after soaking to wash off any chemicals from the water. Make sure you have some simple toiletries on hand so you can offer your guests soaps and shampoos. These small gestures will ensure everyone feels at home and enjoys their time.

#3: Keep water nearby to ensure everyone is hydrated.

Soaking in a hot tub is a very warm affair. Make sure that your hot tub is only at the recommended temperatures so you don’t overcook your guests. Keep water nearby as well so everyone can keep hydrated as the heat from the spa can cause your guests to sweat and lose water.

You can place a cooler full of chilled water bottles near the hot tub or you can provide plastic cups and an ice cold pitcher of cucumber water for a super refreshing drink. While sipping on wine or beer might sound like a fun party idea, it is recommended that your guests do not imbibe while soaking.

#4: Don’t forget to mention the hot tub.

It might seem obvious, but make sure you mention the hot tub in your party invites to friends or family. Nothing is worse than arriving at a party only to find out you didn’t bring a swimsuit and the main event is soaking in a hot tub. Ensure everyone gets the memo so a good time can be had by all. It is important to only utilize swimwear in a hot tub rather than street clothes as normal clothing can leach pollutants into the water.

Shop For Your Dream Hot Tub

Does the idea of hosting guests at a hot tub party sound appealing to you? If so, we invite you to stop by Colorado Spas. We can help you pick out the best hot tub for your needs. We carry a vast selection of hot tubs that were specifically designed for entertaining. These hot tubs feature extra seating and plenty of room for everyone to kick back and relax. Talk to us about the size of hot tub you need to ensure you can invite the whole crew over. Come visit our Northern Colorado hot tub showroom today.