If you’re looking for the ultimate gift to give the whole family — and a gift that truly continues to give and give — then it’s time to invest in a spa. And what better time is there than during the winter holidays. You’ll love the new addition for your home, and you’re family will love their first dip in their spa as the snow starts to fall this cold season. So what are you waiting for?

If you’re considering a new spa for your home this season, we’re here to convince you that you’ll love our hot tubs; and we’ve lined up a number of activities that you’ll enjoy for your first hot tub experience during the holidays! Here are a few favorite activities that you and your family are sure to enjoy:

Champagne to Ring in the New Year

A new year is always reason to celebrate. And with a spa and a bottle of bubbly, you’ll ring in the New Year in style. Whether you’re soaking in the spa with the love of your life, or you’re enjoying a cheerful celebration with friends, there’s no better way to kick off the turning of the calendar. So, pop the cover of your tub off, pop the cork of your favorite champagne, and take a soak under the stars (or fireworks!).

Just remember to enjoy your bubbly responsibly — do not consume too much alcohol while enjoying your spa, and be sure to hydrate! Oh, and it’s best to use plastic champagne flutes if you’re drinking in or around your tub, since glass can prove dangerous!

Spa & Snow Angels

If you live here on the Front Range, then you’re sure to see a few blizzards throughout the winter. When the white stuff falls, you can head out to the hot tub to make the most of that sparkly precipitation. If you’re feeling bold, jump out, take a dive in the snow, and make a snow angel! Children love to prance back and forth between the spa and the snow, and you’ll certainly feel like a kid if you give it a try! Just be sure to keep the kiddos monitored, and don’t let them run around the tub if there is water or ice on the ground!

Soak Up the Sun

When winter rolls around, the sun ends up on the wrong side of the earth for the majority of the time — leaving us in the dark. And with cold temperatures, it can be daunting to get outside to get some sunlight. If you need to counter seasonal affective disorder with some much needed, warming sun rays, you can beat the cold with a daytime soak. Head out to the tub during a sunny spurt throughout the day to get a bit of exposure. Your body will be thankful for the vitamin D it synthesizes in sunlight. You can take a sunny swim for about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the color of your skin, the time of the year (there’s less UVB exposure during the winter), and the time of day (there’s more UVB exposure when skies are clear and the sun is at its highest). Be sure not to spend too much time in full exposure, and use protective lotion if you’ll be out in the sun for an extended time! Also, be wary that some people are more sensitive to sunlight while bathing, so don’t overexpose yourself if you notice your skin is burnt, itchy, or overly dry.

Snow Games

Snowball fights are fun. And they’re twice as fun if you have a spa to warm up in. Your hot tub can serve as the perfect “home base” for all of the snow games that you like to play. If you’re building a snowman, for instance, then you can stay close to the hot tub; just be sure to keep your swimsuit and a few towels handy.

Morning Coffee & Cocoa

Is there any better way to wake up than a morning cup of rich cocoa or hot coffee? If your favorite wake up routine means stirring a cup of hot stuff as soon as you stir from bed, you’ll love adding a hot tub to the mix. Wake up and greet the day with a new hot tub this holiday — you’ll spring out of bed faster, and you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed for the day to come.

Shop for Your Family’s Favorite New Gift

If you’re looking for the ultimate gift that everybody in your family will enjoy, then you’d better stop into the showroom here at Colorado Spas. We have a gallery of hot tubs, ranging from two-seaters to sizeable spas that will fit the whole family. You’ll love the boundless activities that will be enjoyed by all. Stop by our showroom on South College in Fort Collins, or reach out to us to learn more about our spas!