It’s finally time. You’re going to bring home that spa that you’ve wanted since you were a child. It’s an exciting time — purchasing a new hot tub — and it provides you with a number of opportunities to make the most out of your new installation. After all, your spa won’t just be tacked onto your property like that lonely toolshed you have out back. Your new hot tub will be an addition to your home, and a focal feature for your landscape. With so much potential, your imagination may race with designs and prospective new additions to your landscape and abode. Here are additions you may consider to seize the opportunity to make your hot tub an integrated part of your landscape:

Build Into Your Deck or Patio

While it’s common for folks to simply pour a slab of concrete for their new hot tub (and there’s nothing wrong with this easy, cost-effective solution), others opt to “sink” their spa into their deck or patio by lowering it into their landscape. If you’d like, you can build your hot tub into your patio by dropping it down a few feet so that the edges of your tub are flush with your patio. Or, you might keep your spa raised up on your deck, but build wrap-around stairs that make your tub easily accessible. If you are planning on integrating your hot tub into your deck or patio, just be sure that you measure your new spa properly, and make sure that your design still allows for access to the maintenance panels of your tub!

Installing a Pergola

A pergola will look great above your new hot tub, and it can serve to provide you with shade, and some protection from precipitation if you like to use your spa while the weather is a bit adverse. You can create a custom pergola that features everything you’d like to have for your tubbing experience: Build in curtains to provide spa-goers with a bit of privacy. Or install a sunshade spanning across your pergola to keep the sun’s rays at bay. Tack on a few shower hooks to the columns of your pergola to keep dry towels at arm’s reach. Or top off your pergola with a sloped roof to keep rain and snow from falling on hot tub attendees (personally, I like it when there’s some precipitation while in the spa!). You can even install speakers along the columns of your spa, or string up a line of outdoor Edison bulbs to give your hot tub even more of a cozy appeal. The possibilities here are endless!

Privacy Fencing

If you want a truly intimate setting, you can build privacy fencing around your hot tub. You can build a high fence for complete privacy, or, you can opt for latticework and trellises to partially mask the views of your spa. You can even integrate vines that will grow to cover your trellises and latticework, or the privacy fencing that you’ve installed.


While your spa will have some interior lighting, and it may feature some exterior lights as well, you may want to create a fully integrated atmosphere throughout your landscape. You can install landscape lighting that highlights your hot tub. Or perhaps you’d like to have string lights that span over your spa. Light installations will improve the appeal of your hot tub, and they’ll help to ensure that your guests move safely across your deck or patio as they walk from your house to your spa, even on dark nights.

Stairs & Railings

Speaking of safety, you may want to install stairs and railings to make access easy for those who are taking a dip. While your hot tub will come with a small set of stairs, per your request, you may opt to create stairs and railings yourself. Perhaps you’d like to create a custom set of stairs that matches the wood and stain of your deck. Or you’d like to install a rail alongside your stairs to give those who are entering or exiting your spa something to hold onto. Oftentimes, it’s best to build stairs and railings in after the spa has been set in place, since it will make the installation easier, and you’ll know precisely how high to make your stairs and their railing counterparts.

Changing Room

Do you plan on having guests over who would love to jump into the tub? Then you may want to build a changing room near your tub. Now, you don’t have to get too fancy with your changing room. A few square feet of space, some shelves for towels, a mirror, and a bench would be more than sufficient to give your guests a small, private space to change out of their clothes and into a suit for the spa.

Other Features

On top of all those additions, you may want to consider building in a sound system around your patio or deck (if your spa doesn’t come with built in speakers!). And you may want to add some towel racks or towel hooks throughout the space, as well as a cubby to keep clean towels for your guests. You can also build in shelving around your hot tub to hold drinks or any other items that you’d like to keep nearby (although your spa will likely have its own cup holders as well). Get creative, and add anything that you can imagine!

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