If you’ve just purchased a new spa, you’re likely giddy at the boundless fun and relaxation that you’ll be enjoying. That said, you’re probably curious how best to maintain your hot tub to ensure that the water remains crystal clear, and the components of the spa don’t get damaged. Here are a few tips that you can follow to ensure that your spa is safe, clean, and lasts for years on end.

Keep Your Hot Tub Cover Clean

Your hot tub cover is responsible for keeping the tub clean — it keeps leaves from falling into the tub, it keeps insects from making your spa their home, and it helps to keep your filter from working overtime. Plus, your cover ensures that your hot tub retains heat efficiently. However, your hot tub cover can actually harbor mold and bacteria. On occasion, it’s best to give your hot tub cove a cleaning with diluted bleach to keep the tub clean. The underside of your cover can eventually grow mold and bacteria, since it encloses a warm, moist environment. It’s best to keep your hot tub cover clean. You can use a solution of water (9 parts), and bleach (1 part) to spray down and wipe the underside of your hot tub cover. Clean your hot tub cover once every 90 days to ensure that bacteria and mold don’t grow.

Fill With Filtered Water

Whether you’re filling your tub for the first time, or you’re refilling your tub to give it a fresh start, it’s best to use filtered water to fill up your spa. Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to buy gallons and gallons of filtered water — and no, you won’t have to fill up pitcher after pitcher of filtered water from that little water tap on the sink. You can actually purchase a water filter that is designed to work on a garden hose. These water filters will pull out particles and contaminants that may otherwise be caught by your hot tubs water filter, forcing your filter to work overtime as you turn the spa on for the first time after the fill-up. Utilizing filtered water ensures that your hot tub’s filtering system will have an easy time keeping your fresh water clean.

Swap Out Your Filters

It’s always a good idea to keep an extra filter on hand, in case your current filter gets gunked up beyond use. While your filter should last for months on end, under normal care conditions. However, you never know when your filter will be on its last leg. Keep an eye out for signs of wear or damage. Tears and holes are indicators that your filter isn’t doing its job. Also, if you can’t clean out your filter by spraying it down with a filter wand, then it may be too dirty to continually clean your hot tub. It’s time to swap out your filter.

Follow Care Instructions to a T

Your hot tub will come with care instructions that will aid you in keeping your hot tub clean. Be sure to follow the instructions that come with your spa to a T, to ensure that your filtration system works, and your water is clean and safe for use. If you’re uncertain how to clean or maintain your tub, don’t hesitate to reach out to a spa specialist to ensure that your hot tub remains clean and safe, and to maintain the longevity of the tub.

Test Your Water Often

Testing your water will ensure that your water is balanced and clean, which will help the pump and filter to last their longest. More importantly, these tests are designed to ensure that your water is clean, and safe for use. Test your water before each use to ensure that your water is perfect for a dip, and test your water at least twice per week to continually check the pH and chemical balances of your water.

Use Caution When Adding Chemicals

Again, it’s best to follow your care instructions to a T when it comes time to balance your water. Over or under-use of chemicals can damage your hot tub, and it may make your spa unsafe for bathing. Be sure to measure out your chemicals as you add them to make sure that you don’t over or under-use your spa chemicals. If you’re adding chemicals to your hot tub, you’ll want to wait several hours before taking a dip, since the chemicals require time to balance. Be sure to test your tub again before you jump in!

Let Your Spa Breathe After Adding Chemicals

If you’re adding chemicals to your tub, especially bromine, it’s best to let it “breathe” for a few minutes to ensure that these chemicals don’t corrode the exposed components underneath the cover of your tub. Fifteen minutes is plenty of time to make sure that corrosive air doesn’t fill the void between your spa cover and the water.

Know When to Refill

Refilling your spa will be necessary from time to time. If you aren’t going to be using your hot tub for an extended amount of time, it’s best to drain the tub, so that you don’t have to maintain the balance of the water, and you won’t have to keep the filter clean and the pump running. Also, you should drain your tub during the winter, if you’re planning on shutting off the heat. If the temperature of your water gets low enough, your pump and pipes may fail. Finally, you’ll want to refill your spa when the water is dirty, and it won’t respond to chemical solutions. For instance, if your water is starting to smell funny, or if the water won’t lose its foam when you add an anti-foaming solution, then it may be time to give the spa a fresh start with a drain and fill.

Shower Before You Tub

The water in your tub is a rather delicate balance, and that balance can be offset by oils, makeup, and other products. It’s a good habit to take a quick rinse before you settle into your spa. Oils, makeup, and skin products can slow down your filtration system, and they’ll make it more difficult to maintain a balanced tub.

Reach Out to Your Local Experts

If you ever need help with your spa, you can count on the local experts here at Colorado Spas. We’re proud to sell spas here in Fort Collins, and we’re ecstatic to work with spa owners throughout Northern Colorado, providing advice and care to ensure that their spas remain in tip-top shape. Reach out to us if you have any questions about caring for your hot tub!